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Roblox is the world’s largest social platform for play.


Roblox is helping to power the imaginations of kids around the world.




With Fingerlings, fun is always close at hand. Literally!


They react to sound, motion and touch. Friendship really is at your kids fingertips with FINGERLINGS!




These finger-gripping creatures are fierce and unpredictable!


Tap into their soft side and they’ll nuzzle and purr.
Unleash their inner beast and they’ll roar, hiss and chomp.
Kids can also bring theiur UNTAMED creatures to life and train them with the NEW UNTAMED Battle ARena app!




Dram BIG and build BIG!


Picasso Tiles are fun and entertaining, perfect educational presents for school age children that will never go out of style.




Create your own magical miniature fairy land!


The Creativity for Kids Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit includes everything you need – just add water!
Get to know other products of these magnificent brand.




L.O.L. Surprise!


Will you get 2 or 3 babies? Or maybe a food baby? It’s a surprise! L.O.L. Surprise!



Inside every kid is an explorer and an original creator.


This is a rainbow-colored assortment of non-toxic Play-Doh fun that lets your kid create just about anything you can imagine.




An ultimate rescue needs an ultimate vehicle!


This Paw Patrol vehicle is equipped with an extendable 2 ft. tall ladder, flashing lights and sounds – it’s ready for anything!




What comes with a King, Queen, Prince, and princess?


Engage your child with a precursor Stem toy from the quality craftsmanship of Manhattan Toy.




This was the most-funded game in the history of Kickstarter!


Exploding kittens is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.




Minecraft and Hot Wheels connect for fast, fun adventures!


Each set is a styled block with internal track pieces that resemble the wildly popular video game and include one Hot Wheels Minecart and a Mini-Figure.



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  1. Yet another amazing and timely post, I have some niece and nephews I want to get some gift items for since they are kids ran out of ideas.

    Think the Creativity for Kids set will spark up imagination of the little ones and lead them to be creative as I had some growing up.

    Thanks from 


  2. Just browse your gift for men and women, then finally landed on this article. Just happened that the son of my good friend will be having a birthday party early December. This article has indeed given me some ideas on what to buy for a 6 year boy. Untamed creature seems interesting. As he is still very young, is this toy suitable for the small boy?

    1. Hi Florence.
      Manufacturer recommended age is 5 – 15 years.
      It is a gift that is very fashionable among children nowadays and that they all want to have. We hope we have helped. 😉

  3. Thanks a lot for this article. Christmas is around the corner and I must but a lot gifts for my family and kids. It is sometimes very hard to decide what to buy and where. You have give me great ideas. Those toys are not expensive at all but they can give a happiness to our kids.

    1. And shopping online can be a great solution to save not only time, but money. Thanks for your comment, it’s good to know that we’re helping.

  4. Hi, how are you? You gave me great ideas for my son’s gift this Christmas. Now the problem is that I want to buy everything hahaha. 

    I loved the paw patrol toy and the playdoh, but I do not know if the playdoh is right for his age, he’s a year and a half old. Likewise, thank you very much for the ideas! Greetings, Pao.

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