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Looking for an easy way to boost the quality of his photos and videos?


With a Canon, everyone can capture the incredible details and cinematic moments of their life.




Jimmy Choo has become an iconic luxury lifestyle brand


Jimmy Choo Man is a powerfully fresh and modern scent, created for a confident and refined man with a rebellious spirit.




Next-generation reading experience


With this Kindle Paperwhiteit’s easy to find pictures, charts, maps and even his notes and highlights from different parts of a book.




Live a stronger, smarter life with Galaxy Watch. 


The Galaxy Watch takes on life with military-grade durability, swim-ready water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ that prevents the display from getting scratched.



A new wallet?
It’s a Christmas classic.


Entering the new year with a new wallet is almost a wish fulfilled.
This Gucci Large Leather Bifold Wallet have a unique style and quality.



One icon watches to put all others to shame


Diesel has long been one of the leading pioneers in denim and casual fashion, known for moving outside and ahead of trends in its industry.
We found this beautiful Mr Daddy 2.0 watch!




Those fantastic glasses he wants to wear.


Give him a clear perspective for the day wearing these fantastic Calvin Klein Aviator Sunglasses.




Travel kit for men designed to comply with current TSA travel security rules.


A complete MenScience Androceuticals Travel Kit with advanced professional-grade products.




A man’s cologne should be refined, elegant and classic.


The Giorgio Armani’s men’s fragrance has become a timeless reference, the quintessence of the Armani style.



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  1. Recently I missed a friend’s birthday and forgotten to buy him a present too. Despite Christmas is still 2 months away, your post has given me some idea on what to buy for his belated birthday present. I am considering to get him a travel kit. But he has super dry skin. Will this kit be suitable? 

    1. Hi Florence.
      Thanks for your comment. Regarding the MenScience kit, we know that each and every product is made of the finest ingredients they can find. On the MenScience website there is a comprehensive list of all the ingredients to be found in these products. I hope it helps! 😉

  2. I can say this is a pretty good list of some gifts for men kust about everyone of those I would get for myself or my pops. I liked both of those watches and the camera since I love photography. I think just about any guy would get multiple things from this list.

    The kindle looks like a nice gift I had the original one anybody that likes to read why not.thanks for some pretty cool ideas to get others for Christmas I really do appreciate it 


    1. If a man likes this list, it’s a sign we’re doing our job well. 🙂

      Thank you for your feedback. Visit our list of BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR WOMEN.
      You will probably have more difficulty in this … but our work was done with the same type of study, don’t worry 😉

  3. Hey thanks for this post.

    I’m a guy and I think these selections are awesome, when thinking of gifts I tend to avoid consumables as they don’t create memories thats why for gifts for men I always opt for things that tend to last for a long time. 

    I’d prefer the Mr Daddy 2.0 wristwatch and the Calvin Klein Aviator Sunglasses. anytime. Wanna buy me gifts buy me this..

    Greetings…. Abdulramon

    1. We agree with you. Chocolates are good but disappear the moment they are received.
      Nothing like a good gift that will last to be remembered. 😉

  4. Hello Shopping Hound,

    Thanks for sharing an early post to help us to get some great ideas to get in time for Christmas.

    I like to get all my Christmas presents before the weather turns cold and roads get not good to be driving from one place to another. (I live in Canada)

    You gave me some good ideas here, the camera, a watch and sun glasses will be perfect for my husband! 

    1. Hi Alejandra.
      The sooner we are all prepared, the better! Even because some products will run out or will go up in price as the date approaches.

      In relation to car trips … we are in favor of buying online. It simplifies, saves time and saves money. 😉

  5. These gifts that you have listed are perfect for the three men I have in my home, my husband and two boys.My older son fancies himself to be a photographer, so I know the camera will be perfect for him. My younger son who is in grade 12, likes to smell nice, hence the cologne will be perfect for him.My husband on the other hand is a real fan of sunglasses. He has so many pairs that we could probably start our own sunglasses shop. He is always looking for a new pair, so the sunglasses you’ve listed here have given me the perfect gift for him.Thanks for the great recommendations.

    1. Hmm … If he does not have these glasses, you should really take care of it! 😉

      Thanks for your comment. We are glad to have helped you.

  6. There are some great idea here. I really like the TSA travel kit. My parents travel a lot now that the kids are out of the house, so this would be a really great gift to get him.

    I also love the samsung watch. My dad has worn the same watch for years now and it’s all scratched up. It might be time to get him a new one that he can’t scratch or break as easily as others.

  7. First, I really like the header image and logo.  Caught my eye right away.  It’s cool to see a page dedicating products for men right here at the holidays.  Several of these products caught my attention.  The travel kit is a neccesity for any man that travels via air.  And, your use of a kit that complies with TSA security rules is brilliant.  My current wallent is just plain worn out.  The wallet ad gave me an idea when asked what I want for Christmas ( the people I know might not pay $375 ) but it would be nice.  The Galaxy watch is a must have for any man that uses an Android phone.  I have a Galaxy watch, in fact it was a birthday present.  I was skeptical about having one at first and now I absolutely wear it every day and would be lost without it.  Overal, very cool, simple and easy navigation on this page.  Great job!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Calvin. It is interesting to see that men are reacting well to their own list and wishing to receive some of the chosen articles.

      We already knew that this was going to happen through our research, we just did not know that it would be more comfortable for men to comment on this list and not the others. 😉

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