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4 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GUIDE 2018

  1. when I stumbled upon this webpage I have to about that I thought you were categorized Christmas gifts for dogs. Boy doughs, girl dogs, men and women dogs. Ha ha. I couldn’t figure out why gifts for dogs might be gender specific. Once I clicked on one of the categories I understood my mistake.

    It’s a cute and clever idea to have the dogs “sniff”out the best gifts. It will be a great help for everyone and they starry to purchase Christmas gifts!

    1. Hi Mariah,
      We’re glad you got the idea. And you know what? You just gave us one new idea … a list for pets. 😉

  2. Some people might cringe when, before trick-or-treaters venture upon our doorsteps, something like a Christmas shopping guide is presented to us. But for those who take their time to decide–meaning, people like me!–we need plenty of lead time. That’s what I like about The Shopping Hound’s 2018 Shopping Guide. I’m the opposite of the procrastinator; I actually need and take more time than the average bear. I also like that this shopping guide is a guide to guides, as it contains shopping hints for a number of categories I’m interested in: Men, Women, and Boys. Thanks for posting this; you’ve made my hunting a much easier task.

    1. That is our goal!
      We don’t want to teach you how to buy because you already know how to do it.
      We want to take you directly to what you are looking for and help you choose in a simple and straightforward way, without great artifices and texts that nobody reads, we are here to help you decide the best.

      Thank you very much for your feedback and comment. 😉

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