Impress everyone on the most fun and scary night of the year.
Check our selection of the most scary Halloween costumes for kid available online.




There is not anything extra sinister than an evil clown.


Black and white jumpsuit, ruffle collar, and over the pinnacle latex mask with hair accents.


Be the strangest character in the party.


This is a unique inflatable nylon and spandex suit with inflatable body and mask.


Five Nights at Freddy’s Costume Collection is frightening fabulous!


Based on the mega popular and super scary series of video games.


Winter is coming!


Based on hundreds of on screen and behind the scenes images and personally approved by the producers at HBO, this mask is the ultimate replica of the night’s king.


This Zombie is sure to scare away the ghouls and goblins.


This complete ensemble features a tattered shirt with a pvc chest exposing the bones and other organs, tattered pants with pvc bones exposed, and a pvc mask with hair and Gloves.


The most terrifying clown in history!


Included components: jumpsuit with vest and collar, gloves, and half-mask with attached wig.


So terrifying it will drive your victims “batty”.


It includes a floor-length black robe, a deluxe oversized bat latex mask with a gaping mouth and arm/hand extensions.


Discover Christmas Town this Halloween.


Jack Skellington Costume features the classic pinstripe suit with a whimsical bat bowtie that everyone remembers from the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Who will come to visit granny?


This costume includes a granny nightgown with long sleeves, attached fur cuffs, attached wolf tail and wolf mask with attached matching mop cap. Does not include basket or shoes.


Monster Morphsuits are all-in-one spandex costumes

that cover the whole of your body from head to toe.


You can breathe through them, drink through them and see through them but no one can see you! The fabric on the face has less density so visibility is excellent and rather than having two zips it has 1 zip and a hood with quick release velcro on the back of the head for easy removal.




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