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The Gaseous Zombie looks like he is pulling himself out of the ground…

and then sprays the whole area with fog!


Standing 2Ft tall, with a hard plastic frame under his poly-fabric shirt and shroud with an attached 110 volt motor that turns his hand-painted plastic head with gaping mouth from side-to-side.
Without forgetting the two creepy hand-painted plastic hands that complete the look.
With a 3Ft long connector and hose attachment will fit on most standard 400W, 700W, and 1000W fog machines. (Fog Machines Only Sold Separately. Connector Is Not Compatible With Ground Or Low Lying Fog Machines).

Let the creepiness begin!






Stay away from deadly creatures lurking in the shadows.


You may end up like this 72 inch Cocoon Corpse.
We’re pretty sure this poor guy thought he was safe but clearly he was wrong.

He’s nothing more than a lifeless corpse hanging on your porch now.




Halloween Zombie Face and Arms Lawn Stakes?
This will make the best Halloween graveyard Decor.


Set includes: 1 Zombie Face with 6” plastic stake, 2 Zombie Arms covered with sleeves and attached to yard stakes.
Each Arm Measures 14” from bottom of stake to tip of fingers.
Best Halloween Decoration for your home, graveyard scenes or Halloween party!

Sure to Set the Perfect Horror Scene!





Fake Giant Spider Halloween Decorations.


Use them on your front porch for trick-or-treaters, or as the highlight of your decorations for a Halloween party, hang it from the ceiling or pose it crawling up drapes.

You’ll get a lot of fun from these scary and creepy plush toy.




Create a Creepy atmosphere with eyes glowing and scary sound.


Lightweight – Easy hanging from ceilings, doorways, pathway, trees etc.
Touch Control with non-toxic resin materials it is easy to install and powered by 2pcs AA batteries (Not included)

A great decoration for home, garden, yard, porch, or bar.



He is is trying to get away!


Evil looking crawling half torso skeleton, this scary prop lies on the ground and its shoulders move back and forth creating a crawling motion. When activated, its red eyes start flashing and it lets out a horrifying moaning sound as it crawls across the ground.

It’s ideal for placement on the ground in haunted house, graveyards and landscapes.



Spook your Friends with Realistic Skull and Skeleton Arms Lawn Stakes.


Set includes: 1 Skull, two skeleton arms with 5” plastic stakes and each arm measures 18.5” from bottom of stake to tip of fingers.
Easy to setup. You just need to push the arm stakes into the ground and put the skull between them.

This will definitely trick your guests.



Real looking blood and very creepy hand print.


This reusable Halloween door cover is the perfect accessory to create a spooky entry to your home or office.

Are you ready to let everybody get scared on Halloween?




Spook the daylights outa your guest with this Back-From-The-Grave Dead Body.


With 5 Ft. Long and covered with a bloody white cloth revealing only the body’s hair on the head and skeletal feet.
Perfect for your Halloween decorations.

A Must Have Haunted Halloween Prop that your Guests will Notice and Admire.



Up the spook factor for trick-or-treaters.


With this 71″ hanging and talking Witch, featuring sound – or touch – activated sayings and noises as well as flashing red eyes. Pose her arms in any position, and let her dress flow in the breeze. Best indoors or on a covered porch; not built to withstand harsh weather.

“Beware…AH HAAA…AAA” “Boo!” “You’re not scared, are you?”



He Makes Creepy Moaning Sounds!


This 72-inch hanging reaper life-sized prop has blow-molded elongated head and hands with poseable arms, light-up eyes, and a tattered costume with hood and gauze details. He’s got a motion-sensor activation for the sounds, and a volume controler. Takes 3 AA batteries which are included.

Just The Scary Prop You Need For Your Halloween Setting!




Animated Skeleton Ghost! A must have for Halloween Party!


Easily hanging to the eaves of the house or a tall tree, good choice for your bedroom, yard, bar, hunted house or a tree in your yard to welcome the neighbors!
Perfect Prop Décor for Halloween, spooky haunted house addition, or use for fall and costume displays. These Halloween party decorations are ideal for hanging in dark corners around your house to spook your unsuspecting guests!

Making this year’s Halloween Haunt décor a sensational one!



Don’t lose your head when you’re decorating for Halloween this year!


Add this headless heavy plastic and life-sized zombie decoration! It has the shoulders of the zombie on a soft platform, with the arms holding up the decapitated head. The shirt is torn and splattered in fake red blood.

Spook out everyone at your next party when you set out this zombie decoration!



This coffin victim refuses to give up the ghost!


While this coffin shakes, you hear 3 desperate howling phrases with chains clanking as someone’s desperate to avoid a premature burial! Place this 64″ life size haunted and rattling coffin on the ground, leaning against wall, on a table or leave half of it open with the scary skeleton corpse sticking out of it!

“Oooh, oooh, oooh help me!”, “Please let me out! Aaahh!”



Scary woman zombie that’s eating the organs from a bloody zombie torso.


This props 3 pieces are made with foam filled thick rubber latex that’s been gruesomely sculpted into a realistic looking, but horrifying cannibal scene. This horrific mutilated zombie woman stares you down with its’ evil red flashing eye and it posed as if it’s eating the heart from the dead child torso. Body is not animated, but eye lights up. The zombies crouched full body is over 3 feet high and the distance from its’ bloody feet to the end of the eaten torso is about 4 feet.

One of the scariest decorations you can find!



Crawling human zombie torso prop decoration.


It’s made with foam filled thick rubber latex that’s been gruesomely sculpted into a realistic looking tortured soul. This poor soul’s body has seen some tremendous torture as his legs have been severed from his torso, and the only thing remaining is exposed bones and his disgusting human innards.
This zombie just won’t let go and die, as he eerily crawls forward from side to side while he emits a loud creepy ghoulish moan as its’ evil red eyes light up and flash!

It’s a perfect horrifying addition to any haunted house, graveyard or entryway!



His body is a bloody, mangled mess.


Professional high quality almost life size human zombie baby prop decoration that’s made with foam filled thick rubber latex that’s been gruesomely sculpted into a realistic looking tortured soul. This poor baby’s body has seen some tremendous torture as his arms, face and legs have been ripped open exposing his inner flesh. It measures 23 inches tall.

It’s sure to add a bit of scary desperation to your halloween decor!



Her entire body has been severely tortured and burnt.


Professional high quality life-size hanging burnt prisoner zombie girl torso prop decoration. It’s made with foam filled thick rubber latex that’s been gruesomely sculpted into a realistic looking and horribly tortured woman. This moving gruesome prop measures 67 inches from the tip of fingers to the bottom of the feet.

Sure to Set the Perfect Horror Scene!



She stares you down with evil flashing eyes.


A life-size standing 6′ 8″ tall moving scary zombie widow witch lady that’s perfect for placement in haunted houses, entryways and landscapes. This terrifying wicked zombie witch has an incredibly creepy face that stares you down as it’s whole body turns from side to side.

Her special someone has been taken and now she is coming to take you away!



“Come in here and you’re in trouble!”


A 6 foot standing animated speaking spell casting wicked witch with flashing green eyes holding a light-up book full of spells. Be careful of this black and purple clad frightening evil witch, as she’s cooking her witches brew, she says spell casting phrases while staring into her book of spells. Speaks phrases with a cackling laugh after each one.

“Eye of the newt, tail of bat, nose of frog, tail of cat!”. 



This evil ghoul rocker is no longer “knocking on heaven’s door”…


Professional high quality life size seated zombie human guitar base player that’s made with foam filled thick rubber latex that’s been gruesomely sculpted into a realistic looking ghoulish band-mate. This horrific rocker zombie is posed as if he’s seated on a skeleton rock and jamming on his guitar, but it is not animated.

…Because hell already came calling on his soul!


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  1. My goodness! I think I’ll stay inside and lock the door on Halloween! Seriously, you have come up with an awesome array of Halloween scary items. I will be sending your web address to my son and daughter-in-law, as their favorite holiday is Halloween. I am sure they will find this site interesting! I’m curious to see what you will come up with next.

    1. Hi Fran,
      Halloween this year is going to be more creepy than ever! 🙂
      Thank you very much for your visit and for sharing my sniffles.
      I am already working on the Christmas lists and very soon I will launch excellent opportunities for Cyber Monday … Stay tuned! 😉

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